MISTRAL is a strong and durable surface and will cope well with the rigours of day-to-day use in the home. In support of this, we would recommend the following:

- Never cut objects directly on your MISTRAL worksurface, always use a cutting board/worktop saver.

- Avoid sliding hard and rough objects across the worktop surface, especially those with unglazed ceramic bases as ceramic is extremely hard and likely to scratch the surface.

Please note: Dark colours will show general surface wear more readily than lighter colours as surface grazes and scratches on any solid surface products appear white.


MISTRAL is smooth and non-porous so it is inherently hygienic and resistant to staining without needing to be sealed. Any spills can simply be wiped clean with a cloth and soapy water, or a general household cleaner.

- It is still recommended that any spills are wiped up as soon as they occur. Any dried-on spills can always be removed, but the relevant cleaning processes may need to be repeated.

- Limescale build up over time can easily removed using products such as Viakal® or similar.

- Avoid exposing your MISTRAL surface to strong chemicals such as, oven cleaners, paint removers etc.


MISTRAL worktops have been developed to offer high levels of fire safety and have the ability to cope well with heat. In support of this, we would recommend the following:

- Never place any objects directly from a heat source onto your MISTRAL worksurface. As with all worktop materials, intense heat can damage or crack the surface. Always use heat pads or trivets with rubber feet.

- Make sure that pans do not overhang the edge of the hob. Deflection of heat directly onto the worktop and surrounding surfaces, such as upstands/splashbacks, can cause scorching.