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KARONIA was born out of a previous business that supplied educational furniture, including solid surface worktops. Over the course of a decade, the focus concentrated on worktops which led to KARONIA’s incorporation in 2005. Over 15 years on, the company has gone from strength to strength and continues its commitment to development and innovation.

Importantly, KARONIA remains a wholly family-owned business so, in addition to our highly professional operational standards, we also retain a dynamic decision-making process that has proved invaluable to both our Distribution and Projects customers.


KARONIA's origins trace back to the solid surface industry from the early 1990's with our founding members being early champions of the performance and lifecycle benefits of solid surface worktops. Involvement began with fabrication and installation but then moved through to the development and manufacture of product ranges for OEM client solutions.

Towards the end of the 90’s the popularity of the material as an alternative to iroko wood or compact laminate worktops was such that serious consideration needed to be given to how we could find more efficient manufacturing methods to reduce labour costs and lead times in busy school holiday periods.

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We were fabricating worktops from solid surface sheet material onto MDF and then chipboard substrates and though we developed better techniques for doing this, it didn’t go far enough. It was at this point we developed our 25mm thick, substrate-free worktop format that completely transformed our approach, creating a higher quality, more cost-effective worksurface.


Key to our development process was the knowledge gained by using many different solid surface brands during this time. They had variations in the way they behaved both in terms of how they were to work with, and the features and benefits they gave to the end user which we used to inform our checklist of qualities that we wanted in our worksurface in terms of performance.

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